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We offer all styles of the latest digital hearing aids to fit your budget and lifestyle. We are a family owned and operated business and have been providing patients with personalized service and expertise in the hearing healthcare field for 37 years.

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Hearing Impaired Users' Concerns With New iPhone Addressed

Wednesday, 02 November 2016

Apple's announcement to remove the headset jack from the new iPhones outraged some consumers. It seemed that Apple did not consider the impact this would have on hearing impaired people who depend on a neckloop or other wired solution to hear audio on the phone.

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I have worn hearing aids for 40 years, and can’t say enough good things about these hearing aids. I can hear the television or radio at half volume of what I used to and can hear things from other rooms that I never did before. Speech is more clear and understandable to me even if I’m not looking directly at a person. I even heard a coyote howl for the first time the other night – it was amazing!!

Jeff R.