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I have worn hearing aids for 40 years, and can’t say enough good things about these hearing aids. I can hear the television or radio at half volume of what I used to and can hear things from other rooms that I never did before. Speech is more clear and understandable to me even if I’m not looking directly at a person. I even heard a coyote howl for the first time the other night – it was amazing!!

Jeff R.

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Hearing Aid Technology

In addition to the degree and type of your hearing loss, it's important to consider the type of listening environments you spend time in so you can get the level of technology that will provide you with the greatest benefit. Typically, the more active you are and the more challenging the listening environments, the more you could benefit from advanced features like background and wind noise reduction and feedback cancellation. While price does increase with the degree of advanced features in the hearing instrument, it is well worth it if it means you will continue to get out and enjoy yourself and not have to worry about missing out on important moments with friends and loved ones.