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Music May Be Destroying Your Child's Hearing

The lead singer of the Australian band AC/DC says it’s auto racing, not rock music that has brought him to the brink of deafness. But Brian Johnson’s recent withdrawal from a North American tour provides a cautionary tale for anyone who likes their music loud, hearing specialists say.

For parents, whose own hearing may be compromised from AC/DC concerts back in the 1980s, this presents a challenge: How to regulate their children’s listening habits when there is no clear way to know how loud is too loud. Doctors know that sound above 85 decibels can damage hearing after eight hours of exposure (above 100 decibels, it takes just 15 minutes), but without a sound-level meter, which costs a couple of hundred dollars for an inexpensive one, how can you measure the sound?

Read the full article: http://national.deseretnews.com/article/18531/how-your-childs-love-for-music-may-be-destroying-their-hearing.html