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Starbucks to Open its First Signing Store

Starbucks will open its first US Signing Store in Washington, DC this October, building upon ongoing efforts to connect with the diverse communities it serves, the coffee company announced on its website.

A team of deaf Starbucks’ partners (employees) and allies reportedly led the effort to launch this unique store model in the US, which will be located at 6th & H Street near Gallaudet University, a private university for the deaf and hard-of-hearing. The store, according to the company’s announcement, will create a “distinctive retail experience” for all customers, while offering a unique store format that promotes accessibility and offers employment and career advancement opportunities for deaf and hard-of-hearing people.

Read the full article: http://www.hearingreview.com/2018/07/starbucks-open-first-us-signing-store-washington-dc-october/