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Customer Stories

These work so much better than any hearing aids I’ve ever had before, and I’ve been wearing hearing aids for over 35 years.

Ron M.

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nbc hisOver the years, we have helped many patients like you hear better and enjoy life once again. Our practice has continued to grow because we realize it’s important to earn our patients’ trust, and provide them with thorough, personalized treatment. That's why we make sure our patients understand what it means to have a hearing loss while we learn what they want to acheive with new hearing aids. Patients are then tested and their results are explained. Once more information is gathered about their lifestyle and typical listening environments, the available treatment options are presented. Patients can then decide which treatment option is best for them.

video otoscope

  • Complete hearing consultations
  • Certified, licensed professionals
  • Hearing tests and evaluations
  • Sound-proof booth for testing
  • Personalized hearing consultations
  • Video otoscopic exams
  • Live speech mapping
  • Real-Ear measurements

Quick repairs

Maintenance like cleaning and tubing changes as well as some minor repairs like battery doors and replacing removal strings can be done in the office.

For more complex problems concerning the microphone, receiver, or circuitry we will send it into the factory for repair.

Rayovac Proline hearing aid batteriesRayovac Mercury-Free Hearing Aid Batteries

All sizes only $7.00 (includes tax) per 8-pack! Our batteries are sent straight from the factory monthly, so you can be sure your batteries are fresh and will outlast all the competition!

Want your batteries by mail? Just call us and let us know what size and how many packages and the batteries will be deliverd to your mailbox.

Earmolds and accessories

Custom earmolds for hearing aids

Sound Plugs for hunters and musicians & Swim Plugs

Wax Filters, cleaning tools, battery testers, desiccant blocks for dryers, etc.

Dryers and Assistive listening devices

For hearing aid dryers and assistive devices such as amplified phones, vibrating alarm clocks, call us at (618) 259-0700 to see what is currently available.

MiraCellMiraCell & Ear lubricants

Cleaning ears with cotton swabs or over-the-counter solutions, which often contain ingredients like hydrogen peroxide can dry out the delicate tissues of the ear canal. MiraCell's blend of botanical extracts provides nutritive support to relieve irritation and also alleviates excess earwax by softening the wax to aid in the ear's natural cleaning process.